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As the professional manufacturer, ATM INDUSTRY has more than 40 sets of professional facilities for welding, mechanical machining and assembly. Also, we own decades of experience of design, test, inspection, measurement. We ensure all spare and wear parts will come from our fabricating workshop.

Cold Processing –

6×2-10×20M CNC Planer Milling Machine
Φ60-Φ160 CNC Boring & Milling Machine
Φ4-Φ10M Large-scale CNC Vertical Lathe
Φ5-Φ14M Gear Hobbing machine
More than 1M Curve-tooth Hobbing Machine
0.8-1.5M Gear Grinding Machine
Φ2.5-Φ3.5M Gear Shaping Machine
Φ800 Horizontal Gear Hobbing Machine
Φ800×5M Cylindrical Grinder
Φ60-Φ125 Horizontal Lathe
Φ50-Φ100 Radial Drilling Machine

Metal Structure –

8×30M Cutting Machine
Various Welding Manipulator
120×4000 Rolling Machine
800T×6M Bending Machine

Coating –

Professional Shot Blasting Rooms and Paint Spraying Rooms.

6M CNC Vertical Lathe Machine

4M CNC Vertical Lathe

6.5M Gear Hobbing Machine

Heavy Horizontal Lathe Machine

Turning & Milling Machine

Radial Drilling Machine

Gyratory Main Shaft Turning

Mill Shell Processing

Mill Head Turning

Main Machine Assembly